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Why Nutri360 Bull Driven Wood Pressed oil?

Krishi360 - Nutri360

Best extraction method: Nutri360 oils are extracted using traditional Bull driven Ghana (also called as Chekku or Kohlu), which rotates at 2-3 rotations per minute, crushing seeds at ambient temperature without generating heat.

Maximum nutrients: Nutri360 oils are Natural, Unprocessed & Unrefined. Retains maximum nutrients


  • No chemicals or Preservatives used.
  • No free radicals that are generated due to heat from machine Ghanas and expellers
  • Packed in tins and glass bottles to avoid any carcinogens that might be in present in plastic.
  • Packed in opaque containers to stop UV rays from sun to avoid any photo chemical reactions

Protects you from chronic diseases: Nutri360 oil contains natural anti-oxidants that will protect you from Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes etc.1

Less oil consumption: Nutri360 oils are rich in flavor, aroma and nutrients. You will need 60% less oil for cooking.

Environment friendly: Lowest Carbon emission method used in extraction process.

Saving Indian breed of bulls: Each Ghana/Chekku/Kohlu employees 2 in Indian breed of bulls saving them from being sent to slaughter house.

Fight adulteration: All our products are pure & unadulterated. Additionally we pledge to fight against adulteration of food products. We donate 1% of our profit earned from Nutri360 to NGOs that fight against food adulteration.