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About Us


Founded in late 2020 in the midst of pandemic, Krishi360 is a company created with vison to Improve health of mankind through our products. 

As a first step towards our larger vision we have chosen to Bull Driven Ghana/Chekku edible oil as our first product which has multifold impact to health, economy and environment.

  • Health benefit - As of today, most of our food we consume is adulterated. Specifically edible oil is majorly adulterated and doesn’t contain basic nutrients required for our body.
  • Rural Development through Employment creation - Extractions units are placed in villages, which in-turn create local employments to farmers in village. Such employment opportunities created in rural areas. will provide farmers with alternative job options so that they are not always depend on crops. In long-run will save farmers from committing suicides.
  • Save Environment/Carbon free extraction process – There is no electricity used throughout our extraction process and hence a carbon free method. Also, the manure by bulls can be used for Organic farming/crops.

About our founder:

Dhanasekaran, is a software engineer by profession, yoga teacher by passion and an advocate of healthy & wellness.